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Make Your Child Fit

Nowadays, after studying, the children spend the rest of their time in technology. Due to this their physical activities have reduced. Sports or exercise is as important for children as it is for adults. This makes their body strong and agile. This is especially important for children between 5 years and 14 years. In such a situation, you can do some fun exercise by playing with children. Learn  how to get children to exercise during sports.

Bear walk-
Place both hands on the floor to give the body the shape of a bear. This will bring the entire weight of the body on both hands and feet. Now ask the child to walk like a bear. For this, bring the left hand and right leg together. Then walk with the right hand and left foot forward.

Let the children lie on the ground. Ask to be pulled in the opposite direction while keeping the arms and legs straight. Now ask to lift the hands, feet and chest slightly above the ground as if flying like a superhero. Stay like this for some time and then come back to normal.

Star Jack-
This workout is like a jumping jack. Stand upright and make a small distance between the legs. Now ask to jump upwards in the air, spreading the legs and hands. Can do this many times.

Frog Moves
Bend your knees and place the palms between the legs on the floor. Now, with the help of hands, ask to jump upwards and together take the hands to move above the head, then sit down. Have to jump like trying to touch the clouds.
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