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Hair Care Tips

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Hair Care Tips |Whether it is a woman or a man, it is very much attached to her hair. For the beauty of hair, we-you use a variety of beauty products available in the market. But the chemicals present in these beauty products weaken the hair roots.

The beauty of hair i.e. hair, black, dense, long and silky, is possible only if the root of the hair is strong. The root of the hair is strengthened with Ayurvedic herbs, oils and medicines. There is a treasure of effective measures in Ayurveda for complete care of hair. Let's know the effective tips of Ayurveda for hair care.

Shikakai and Aanvala-
For long and silky hair, wash hair with grizzly and amla. Chikakai and dry amla take equal quantity. Leave both of them in the night to soak in water. In the morning filter out the water with cloth and take it out. Now rub this water on the head and wash the hair. Put coconut oil after drying the hair. By trying this method the hair is black, dense and long.

Bhringraj -
Cut the Bhringraj well and add finely chopped powder and black mole in equal quantity. Eat a spoonful of this powder in the morning and eat fresh water and drink fresh water from above. After six months of trying it out, you will get rid of the problem of hair fall and fall before the time. Hairstyle will be dark, dense and shiny.

Curd shampoo-
Instead of soap, add 100 grams of black curd to the curd and wash it with it in the week. The hair is black, the fall closes, and the beauty of the hair blooms.

Lime Juice Shampoo -
Sprinkle lemon juice to make black hair black and pour two cups of hot water in it. After weting the hair, rub this lemon shampoo into the head and rub it. Remember, after doing this, do not wash the hair with water, dry the hair with a towel. After some time sit in the sun's sun and shake the hair from the comb. By doing it two to three times a week, hair is naturally black.

Ayurvedic Natural Shampoo for Hair Enhancement-

Multani Mitti Shampoo-
Multani clay 100 grams in a bowl and soak in water. When it becomes a pulp in two hours, grind it with hand and make a thick slice. Put this thick batter in dry hair and rub it soft with soft hands. After 5 minutes, wash in warm winter with warm water in warmth and heat. Thus, instead of soaping, washing with hair twice a week by multani clay comes tremendous strength and hair becomes soft and long like silk.

Besan Shampoo -
Instead of soaping, apply gram flour twice a week in the water and then wash it after one hour. By doing so the hair will be black, dense and long. All types of hair dirt will be clearer and soft. The head's scabies and pimples will also recover quickly.

Reetha Shampoo-
Give rams of rhee into small pieces of small pieces and water them in the night. In the morning the hair is black, dense and long by boiling or mashing it and washing the head. Remember, wash hair with a little lukewarm water before it. Put half the amount of water in the hair of Rhee on the head and rub the hair for five to ten minutes and then wash it.

Ayurvedic Tips for White or Falling Hair-

Aanvala Powder -
To prevent white whiteness, apply Amla powder in hair curry. Mix the paste of dried amla powder with water and make paste. Apply this paste in the hair like a coating. After 10 minutes wash the hair with water. It stops hair becoming white. Deterioration is also closed.

Option- one- Amla powder should be roasted in water throughout the night. In the morning, wash the hair with water from this amla. Massage the hair with ajla oil in the hair in the night before washing the hair with amla water.

Option two- One spoon Amla powders will be better with two drops of water while drinking at bedtime.

Option three- Rinse the fingernails of both hands regularly for 5-5 minutes daily. Regular exercise of this experiment stops being white from the hair. Lash of hair follicles also stops. Hair starts to become black and thick.

Ayurvedic tips for dense dandruff-
Add 100 grams of coconut oil and 5 grams of camphor and put it in a bottle. After bathing twice a day, when the hair is dry completely, massage it in the head. While sleeping at night, massage the hair with this oil. Dandruff will fall down and fall.

Option one- cook neem leaves and 100 grams of sesame oil and cook them on a low flame. When the juice gets burnt and the oil remains, then filter the oil. Put this oil in hair, dandruff will start falling and hair loss will stop.

Option two - Washing a lemon half an hour before washing it and then washing the hair with sour water cleans the head.

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