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Too Cold, but Where is Global Warming?

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Global WarmingGlobal warming is continuously increasing. It has put the whole world in a big worry. The snow is melting due to global warming, which is increasing the sea level. The Utrecht University of NASA and Netherlands has done a recent research on Antarctica. There are surprising results. Scientists in the study have found that the snow melting speed is quite fast.

280% increase rate-
Researchers say that in the past 16 years, the rate of Ice melting has increased 280 percent in Antarctica. Due to which global sea level has increased more than half an inch in the last four decades. According to the researchers' report, in the years from 1979 to 1990, an average of 40 Gigatan ice melts. This level is constantly increasing. According to the report, between 2009 and 2017, 252 Gigatan ice melts every year. This pace has been increasing for the past four decades. If you see the study from 1979 to 2001, then every year 48 Gigatan ice melts every year. From 2001 to 2017, 134 Gigaton ice melts every year. These reports have been published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences Journal.

Study of 18 areas and 176 valleys-
Scientists have made extensive studies in Antarctica. This study has been done in 18 regions and 176 valleys of this continent. Experts say that with the speed at which Antarctica ice is melting, this will increase the sea level significantly in the coming time. Observing the high resolution pictures of NASA shows that most of the snow is melting in eastern Antarctica.This area has been melting in ice at very fast even before the year 1980. This is because these areas are traditionally the most sensitive for climate change. There is also a serious matter linked to this that there is more snow in the region than in West Antarctica and the Antarctic Peninsula.

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Rising water level-
Due to mounting temperature, icebergs are melting, resulting in sea level rising. With this, the threat of floods has increased and sea water is also getting hot. Which is deadly for sea creatures. Researchers from Australia say that if such a level of seawater continues to grow, this century could cause sea water to reach up to 30 centimeters worldwide.According to researchers, most of the snow is melting in those areas, which are adjacent to the hot seas. One of the reasons for this is that global warming is increasing and the ozone layer is declining. The oceans are getting hot and snow melts more rapidly in snowy areas. Due to climate change, many major threats are coming in the coming time.Another report says that the level of seawater increased by 19.5 cms between 1870 and 2004. These speeds will increase further in the coming 50 years. These studies have been published in the journal Science Geophysical Research Letters. A shocking disclosure related to it has been made in a report of inland panel. This report says that the level of seawater between 1990 and 2100 can increase from 9 centimeters to 88 centimeters.

Islands threaten to drown-
The danger of rising water levels of the sea will not be confined to the flood. Rather, the existence of the islands will also be in danger. Increasing the level of water will threaten the continual drowning of the land. Apart from this, the salinity of water in coastal areas will also increase. Which could spoil coastal land, coastal biosphere and ecosystem there. Because of which people will have to leave their habit.

What is the reason behind it?
99 percent of the world's iceberg is in the form of icebergs on the poles. These are the sweet water reserves for the world. The main reason for their breakdown is carbon emissions. Not only this, the temperature of the glacier is increasing but they are also melting. If there is talk of carbon emissions, then three gas is responsible for it. These gases are used in air conditioning and refrigerators. Apart from this, they are also used in many industries.From Cryosat 2 satellites researchers found that after 2009 on the southern Antarctic island, glaciers, which were suddenly 750 kilometers long, started dissolving in the ocean. While nothing like before 2009 Was there. After analyzing the data of five years, it has been found that glaciers are melting at a rate of 4 meters per year. Due to this the impact on the gravity field is also affected.

The whole earth may be submerged-
The temperature of Antarctica has increased twice in the past 100 years. This has reduced its icy area. A study of the US National Center for Atmospheric Research states that if global warming continues, the polar sea will stop showing ice in the North Pole by 2040. Then this area will have been transformed into a sea. The impact of the lowness of this ice sheet will affect the whole world and there will be an increase in temperature. Scientists also have to say that if all the snow melts here, the sea level will rise to 230 feet, so that the whole earth will be submerged.
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Humans are also facing bad influences-
Many types of diseases are increasing due to temperature rise. One of the reasons for this is that due to this, there is a shortage of clean water, faster air purifier is getting over, people are not getting fresh fruits and vegetables too. It is increasing the escape of animal birds and many of these species have either been extinct or are on the verge of extinction.

Threat to these 10 cities of the world-
The melting snow will be the most affected cities that have settled on the coast of the sea. These cities will increase the risk of drowning. These ten cities include Guangzhou of China, New Orleans of America, Guayaquil of Ecuador, Ho Chi Minh City of Vietnam, Abidjan of Ivory Coast, Jhanjing of China, Mumbai of India, Bangladesh Khulna, Palembang in Indonesia, and Shenzhen of China Includes.

Competition between multi-decadan cooling and global warming-
In the coming time, competition between multi-decadan cooling and global warming can be seen. This means that the temperature will continue to increase, but the factors that keep the earth cool will continue. This is to say, the Chinese Academy of Sciences's Jingang Dai. He said that if the multi-deckdan climate cycle is recurring then this competition will be.

Increased temperatures up to 2 degrees after the 19th century-
Studies have shown that since the 19th century, the average temperature of the surface has increased by 2 degrees Fahrenheit. At the same time, the heat of the surface has increased in the last 35 years, which can be seen as a direct change in weather. It is believed that by 2100, the average temperature of the world will increase from one to ten to six degrees. Which is currently 15 degrees centigrade. On average, the average water level of oceans increases to 2 cm after the temperature increases by 2 percent. In addition, the level of water also increases in coastal areas. If talk of thickness of ice is reduced, it has reduced by 20 percent on the poles. This has happened during the past two decades.

Pachua (Patchy) winds are also the biggest reason-
Patchy winds are also largely responsible for melting glaciers. According to research, due to climate change and erosion of the ozone layer, these winds have become stronger in recent decades. These winds push the hot water from the southern ocean towards the poles, which are the most important reasons for melting glaciers.The speed of water levels in the Atlantic Ocean is significantly higher than the Pacific Ocean. To prevent glaciers from melting, it is most essential to reduce the number of greenhouse gases. Apart from this, arrangements have also to be made to ensure the safety of the people living around the beaches.

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