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Village Siran-(An Overview)

Siran village situated in Karnprayag block of Chamoli district, the remote border of the province of  Uttarakhand. It is a middle type village which has been settled in its own right. Located at 3 Km climb from the National Highway. This village boasts a history of about 500 years ago. There is no evidence of such a historical period but this figure has been taken based on the knowledge of some local experts.

Here the people from different casts like Brahmin, Rajput, and Thakur live here. Mainly inhabitants people are from  Negi, Rawat, Pundir, Gusai, Butola, Nautiyal etc subcaste. However, this village is also facing the problem of Migration as others village but the village is not so much in the grip of migration but gradually it seems to be expected. This village is still deprived of basic amenities. There is a primary and junior high school in the village but the education system is slipped away. There is no basic hospital or dispensary in the village. Students use to go out of the village to study for  Inter College and  Degree College.

After several years, on the 4th of April, 2018, the road was inaugurated here, which has been implemented till today (July 7, 2018). Perhaps by 2019 the road will be fully and smoothly used in the village. The village itself is a nature donation, surrounded by greenery, farms ponds, and jungles etc. These are all the natural aspect of the village which make the village like a moon. 

According to the Census of 2011, the "village code" of Siran or Location Code is 041283. According to the 2009 statistics, the village is a village panchayat in itself. The total geographical area of the village is 127.51 hectares. The total population of Siran is around 550 people. There are about 110 houses in the village of Siran. Karnprayag is a nearby town of Siran which is about 7 km away.

Tourism in the village -
If the Government and the local people pay attention, then the Siran village can be a crown in the field of tourism. Village tourism and trekking tours are likely to have the potential in the village. The village is now being connected by road so the facility will be even better. In Siran village, a trekking tour can be created from Siran-Maanda-Gangota-Sakand-Chatavapipal. Let's go ahead and do some work. This is my wish that Siran village came on the world map.

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