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Kaanwar Yatra


If you walk around and check your surrounding in this month (July) you will get the chance to see a standout amongst the most widely recognized situations on Delhi streets: saffron-clad Shiva enthusiasts or Kaanwars strolling shoeless on streets with pitchers of Ganga blessed water carried on their shoulders. Truly, July is the long stretch of Shravana (Saawan), the yearly month of journey of the Kaanwars or Kaanwariyas.

Know the Kaanwar Yatra- 
Kaanwar Yatra is a propitious journey saw by Lord Shiva's enthusiasts consistently, in which they embrace yatra to Hindu journey focuses to gather Ganga water, and afterward offer the 'Posse Jal' in the nearby Lord Shiva sanctuaries. The blessed water is put away in pitchers and conveyed by the enthusiasts on their shoulders on a little post produced using bamboo, known as "Kaanwar". Thus, these Shiv aficionados are prominently alluded as "Kaanwars" or "Kaanwariyas" and the whole journey is alluded as "Kaanwar Yatra". A portion of the religious spots they visit are Gangotri in Haridwar, Gaumukh in Uttarakhand, Sultanganj in Bihar and so on 

The Kanvar Yatra happens amid the Hindu month of 'Shravan' that is more often than not in the long stretch of July to August. Anyway the Kaanwar Yatra from Sultanganj to Devghar in Bihar and Jharkhand, separately, is attempted throughout the entire year. The lovers embrace this excursion, right around 100 Km, with most extreme dedication, that as well, barefooted. This year, Kaanwar Yatra starts on July 28, 2018 and closes on August 9, 2018.

History of Kaanwar Yatra 
Samudra manthan is a real history of Kaanwar Yatra which was held in the month of Shravan as per the proof of Hindu Puranas. Religious sacred texts say that the stirring of the sea prompted the development of toxic substance or vish before the Amrit turned out. This toxic substance was devoured by Lord Shiva and the Amrit or Nectar of Immortality was appropriated to the Gods. It was a direct result of devouring the toxic substance, Lord Shiva's throat turned blue for which he was given the name "Neelkanth" and He felt a consuming sensation in his throat. To decrease the effect of the toxic substance, Gods and Devas poured Ganga Water to Lord Shiva. 

One another story behind the Kaanwar Yatra is that the King Ravan who was a great votary of lord Shankar or Shiva took Ganga river into a pot that is called Pitcher and poured it on Shiva's Temple or Lingam. Since this occurred in the long stretch of Shravan, even today, Shiva's lovers convey forward this convention of pouring Holy Ganges water on the Shiv Linga consistently in this month.

Kinds of Kaanwars 
(a)-Baithi: The Kaanwars can't keep or put the Kaanwar (with pitcher) on the ground. 

This is the hardest of all. Here, the Kaanwariya needs to keep running with the shaft or Kaanwar the distance and a group of hand-off sprinters tail him in trucks or bicycles.

(c)-Khadi: The Kaanwars can't keep the Kaanwar on the ground nor they can hang it. When they take rest, some other Kaanwar needs to stand and hold the post. 

The Kaanwar can't be put on the ground however can be hanged. 

Why shravan Month is considered very auspicious 
(a)-Shravan month gets its name from "nakshatra". It is trusted that whenever amid the long stretch of Shravan or on Poornima or a full moon day, the Star or Nakshatra rules the skies. 

(b)-With the Shravan month starts various propitious celebrations and occasions like as Hariyali Teez, Nag Panchami, Raksha Bandhan. 

(c)- The Shravan or Sawan month is committed to Lord Shiva. 

(d)-It is the propitious time to direct terrifically critical religious services. 

(e)-Scientifically, keeping quick amid Sawan month is viewed as solid for the stomach related framework. The reason being amid Shravan, there is rain and in the meantime the daylight is rare, and subsequently it backs off the stomach related framework. Along these lines, it is smarter to eat light, effectively edible sustenance. It is, in this manner, better to keep a quick or take after a strict veggie lover consume less calories amid Shravan month.

Traditions on Shravan month- 
(a)- Bhibhuti when offered to Lord Shiva or spread on the brow of the lover is viewed as exceptionally promising. 
(b)-Offering milk or panchamrit (a blend of drain, curd, margarine or ghee, nectar and jaggery) to ruler Shiva drives one to pick up a considerable measure of endowments. 
(c)-Mondays which falls in the month of Shravan know as very auspicious for fasting and known as Shravan Somwar (Or Monday of Shravan month).
(d)-During this month, there is a conviction that offering Bel patra to Lord Shiva is proportionate to any journey visit. 
(e)- Chanting the Mahamritunjay mantra is additionally extremely favorable. 
(f)- Perform normal Aarti of ruler Shiva. 
(g)-Chant the Shiva Chalisa the whole month 
(h)-It is viewed as favorable for hitched Hindu ladies to wear red clothing and green bangles and appeal to God for the long and sound life for their spouses amid the Shravan Month. 
(i)-Wear Rudraksha amid this month and utilize it for japas. 

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