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5 most common health problems in he elderly

Old age health issues|The risk of health problems is highest in old age. Many physical and mental problems can occur with increasing age. Due to which it becomes very difficult to cope. With increasing age, health problems may also start occurring. In such a situation, it may be important to understand the challenges faced by elderly people, so that to avoid them, we can take such measures which can help the elders near us. Let us know about such diseases which can increase the risk of health problems in old age.

Know the health problems occurring in old age
In fact, health problems may be more prevalent in old age when their immune system becomes weaker. As age increases, the immune system of the elderly also begins to decline. This can lead to an increased risk of health problems in old age, which may include:

Steadily deteriorating physical condition
Health problems in old age such as heart disease, stroke, cancer and diabetes can be one of the most common and chronic health conditions. Due to this many deaths also occur every year. Many doctors believe that to reduce health problems in old age or old age, it may be necessary to maintain the amount of nutritious food in your diet. This may help you manage or prevent your chronic diseases. Additionally, it is also advised to exercise daily. Additionally, obesity is a growing health problem among older adults and making these lifestyle changes may help reduce obesity and related chronic conditions.

Cognitive Health
Health problems in old age can also affect their ability to think, learn and remember. The most common problem faced by the elderly may be health problems. Almost everyone around the world has the problem of dementia. The most common form of dementia is Alzheimer's. According to a research, apart from dementia, other chronic health conditions and diseases increase the risk of developing dementia, such as alcohol consumption, diabetes, high blood pressure, depression, HIV and smoking addiction. Although there is no completely successful treatment for the condition like dementia, it can still be controlled to a great extent with the help of good behavior of family members and medicines.

Mental health problems
A common mental disorder among seniors is depression, which occurs in seven percent of the elderly population. This mental disorder is often underestimated. The majority of deaths by suicide in the world are among the elderly. Because depression can be one of the biggest causes of chronic health conditions. Consider options to promote a healthy lifestyle to reduce health problems and depression as you age. Also, try to spend as much time as possible with your family, friends and close ones. Apart from this, you can also join an elderly group. Where they can openly talk to each other about any of their problems.

Physical injury-
Due to age, the elderly are unable to maintain their physical balance, hence, the chances of falling for the elderly also increase. However, in such situations, sometimes emergency medical assistance may be required. Due to these physical injuries, elderly people may sometimes die. In such a situation, it may be very important to protect the elderly from physical injury. Because due to increasing age, bones start shrinking and they also start becoming weak. Additionally, the muscles also start losing their strength and flexibility. Due to which many times seniors start losing the balance of their body and the chances of getting injured or breaking bones due to falling increases. Apart from this, two diseases which are also considered very costly include osteoporosis and osteoarthritis. There is treatment for these diseases, but their treatment course can be quite long.

HIV/AIDS and Sexually Transmitted Diseases
The risk of AIDS is also seen in adults above the age of 50 years. With increasing age, the need for sex and the desire for sex are often not completely satisfied. Apart from this, it is also seen that the elderly may still lack the knowledge of using condoms during sex. Due to which most senior people do not consider it necessary to use condom during sex. Due to which elderly people with weak immune system have increased risk of getting HIV. If HIV is diagnosed late, they may also develop AIDS. Additionally, having unprotected sex also increases the risk of contracting a sexually transmitted disease. Which can be difficult to treat in old age.

Victims of malnutrition
The problem of malnutrition is more often seen in adults above 65 years of age. Due to malnutrition, weak immune system and muscle weakness become the most common problems. Health problems can also increase in old age due to malnutrition. To avoid malnutrition, they should include adequate intake of nutrients in their daily diet. Also, necessary changes should be made in the way you eat food and the time you eat it. One should drink plenty of water. They should include plenty of fruits and vegetables as well as low-fat foods in their diet. Also, to prevent health problems in old age, the amount of salt, sugar and chillies and spices in their diet should also be reduced and limited. Apart from this, if you cannot afford the food of an elderly member of your family, you can also take help from Old Aid Home.

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